COVID-19: Operation Through Level 4 Lockdown

This communication is to keep you informed in terms of AB Equipment’s planning and how we will be operating during the nationwide Level 4 Lockdown.

The primary focus for our business over the next 4 weeks will be to provide maintenance and breakdown support to our customers who remain operational as essential businesses; the majority are in the primary production, grocery and logistics sectors. 18 of our workshops nationwide and our Parts supply will remain operational throughout this period, with reduced staff. Branch management, administration and support office teams will be working to support these operational workshops from home where possible. Our phone lines and call centres will also remain open.

Please be aware, we are starting to experience some increased supply issues for parts from our international partners. While we hold over 60,000 products in our national distribution centre and at our branches across the country, there may be instances where items need reordering or are ‘supply on request’ from the manufacturers. If this is the case we will work hard to either source parts through our local network or supply alternative options to our customers who remain operational.

Please contact either your local branch or call us on 0800 30 30 90 with any specific needs your business may have and how AB Equipment can support you through these coming weeks.


Stay safe.
Warm regards,

Peter Escott – CEO AB Equipment