Bobcat® attachments and implements help you get more done in less time, gain versatility, replace less-efficient machines and give you the tools to accomplish major projects.

  • Bobcat Sweeper 60”
  • Bobcat Sweeper 72”
  • Bobcat Sweeper 84”

Sweep, collect, and dump dirt and other debris with the sweeper attachment.

When operating the sweeper, poly bristles deposit debris in the sweeper bucket to be dumped when full, eliminating the need for multiple clean-up attachments. Or use the sweeper to spread materials evenly across a worksite.

  • Bobcat High Flow 18” Planer
  • Bobcat High Flow 24” Planer

Cut and mill concrete and asphalt with the controlled removal process of the planer attachment.

The milling process involves low angle, high velocity blows in a controlled pattern that uniformly chips pavement. Depth, width, and slope control are easily set and maintained by the operator. 

  • Bobcat 84” Grader Blade
  • Bobcat 96” Grader Blade
  • Bobcat 106” Grader Blade

Grade surfaces with precision and control while maximizing productivity with the grader attachment. The grader attachment has a blade that moves six or eight different ways to grade any surface. The bolster oscillates to minimize the effect of uneven ground, delivering consistent grading performance in a variety of environments.

  • Bobcat 84” Box Blade

The Bobcat® box blade attachment gives more control, less ground disturbance and the durability you’ve come to expect. Improve precision with its available 2D laser and 3D technology which interface with the cab’s Deluxe Display. 

  • Bobcat 84” Soil Conditioner

Prepare the land and lay a good foundation with the soil conditioner attachment. The rotating drum is equipped with carbide-tipped teeth, which rip through clumps and penetrate the soil. Pulverize the soil while leveling and filling in fewer passes with the soil conditioner attachment.

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