Tyro Li-ion Powered Pallet Truck

The BT Tyro Li-ion is a class 3 Powered Pallet Truck and is the perfect entry level low lifter.

A versatile Powered Pallet Truck with electric drive, achieves maximum speed of 4.8km and is fast charging, it takes 2 hours when 20% battery left.

Battery & Charger
Lithium-ion battery. Long-life maintenance free. Quick and Easy charging. Can charge inside & outside truck. 

Safety & Technology
LED display with battery discharge indication. PIN-code panel as standard. Foot protection. Highly accessible emergency buttons. Gas spring for smooth return of tiller arm to upright position. Can be charged inside and outside of truck

Maneuvering & Driving
Turtle speed mode. Can drive with tiller arm in upright position. Speed reduction when cornering. 
Butterfly switch and easy to use buttons. Climber wheels are standard. 

Download the product brochure here: BT Tyro Li-ion Brochure 

Download the specification sheet here: BT Tyro Specification Sheet

Other Models

Rated Capacity 1500 kg
Speed 4,8 km/h
Overall length mm
Turning radius 1632 mm
Lift height 195 mm
Weight 128 kg
Operator type Pedestrian
Battery options (fast charging, 2 hours) Li-Ion, 24V / 36Ah options available
Options Many other options available

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