BT Staxio Pedestrian Stacker Truck

Staxio SWE120S, SWE140S, SWE120XR

The flexible BT Staxio W-series has BT Powerdrive as standard. The BT Powerdrive makes the truck smooth and easy to drive, easy to maintain due to less wear parts which maximizes usage. The SWE080 to SWE140 has capacities from 0.8 to 1.4 ton, and the support arms are fixed, elevating or straddle. The award winning design of the trucks body gives excellent visibility of the forks in a lowered position, the clear view mast continues the visibility when lifted. The BT Staxio W-series can be driven with the handle in upright position, excellent in confined areas.

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BT Staxio WSeries SWE120XR

BT Staxio WSeries SWE120S

BT Staxio WSeries SWE140S

Other Models

Load Capacity 1000 kg
Load centre 600 mm
Overall width 700 mm - 1500 mm
Turning radius 1340 mm to 1365 mm
Height, mast lowered Various
Lift height 1350 mm - 5400 mm
Length to Fork face 530 mm - 572 mm
Battery options Factory Lithium-ion battery options available
Options Many other options available

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