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Cityflex 204

JHL Cityflex 204 sewer trucks with both jetting and Vacuum capability are the ideal first response units for underground sewer maintenance. Mounted on compact 4x2 chassis, the Cityflex can access areas that conventional trucks have difficulty getting to. Cityflex 204 has a 4m³ tank with a movable partition that facilitates jetting and vacuuming in the same tank.

Download the product brochure here: CityFlex 204

Other Models

Tank Volume 4m³
Cab Chassis 4x2 Scania or Mercedes
Movable Partition Available
High pressure pump URACA P3-10
HP Pump capacity 127 litres @ 160bar
HP Hose 50m at 3/4" or 60m @1/2"
Vacuum Unit JUROP RV360 Air Cooled
Capacity 10200 litres minute at free flow

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