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SuperRecycler 412

JHL Recycler 412 incorporates the JHL continuous recycling system, type B, with automatic PLC controlled level system. The 12m³ volume tank for water and/or sludge is approved for 1.0 bar positive pressure or 85% vacuum respectively. The tank is equipped with a movable partition that can be locked in two positions.

Download the product brochure here: ReCycler 412

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Tank Volume 12m³
Cab Chassis 8x4
Movable Partition Yes Two position
High pressure pump URACA KD 718G
HP Pump capacity 390 litres/min at 140Bar
HP Hose HP Reels: 150m of 1 1/4"; 50m at 3/4"and 60m at 1/2"
Vacuum Unit CVS Vacustar WR 3100 Liquid ring pump, with intercooler
Capacity Max capacity 51.667 l/m ≈1825 cfm at free flow
Note Hydraulically driven media pump, 7 cyclone filters

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