Empty container handlers, diesel - up to 10t lifting

More options

Now more safety features and options to customise your machine than ever before. From reverse warning systems to a range of different drive lines and spreaders.

More return

Higher productivity with lower fuel consumption means a lower cost per move. Longer servicing intervals with easier access for service and maintenance, saving you time and money. Plus, the highest re-sale values in the market.

More choice

You can choose from either a single or double stacker model with three different lifting capacities each. There are two different types of cabins that can be mounted in either a high or low position, four spreader options and four different lifting heights to choose from for both the single and the double stackers.

More comfort

New EGO cabin with multi functional joystick or linear lift levers, advanced ergonomics and improved visibility in all directions, including the corner castings and upwards. Plus, a new tilt cylinder design for greater driver stability and control.

Download the product brochure here: Kalmar Container Handler

Weight range up to 10 t
Load centre 1220
Attachments Bromma hook and claw spreader
Attachments Single pick or twin pick