Diesel Forklifts 5 - 9t

The DCG50–90 is packed with smart features that will boost your productivity and reduce the environmental impact of your operations.

ECO Drive modes

Choose between 3 different power modes by the push of a button. By using the ECO mode you can lower your fuel consumption by up to 15%.

Reversible hydraulic fan

The fan direction can be reversed to remove harmful dust and particles from the cooler and filters – perfect for dusty environments such as sawmills.

Heavy-duty lifting equipment

The DCG50–90 combines robust design with excellent visibility. Choose from a wide range of masts, forks and attachments for different applications.

Ergonomic steering

The DCF50–90 is available with either mini-wheel steering or lever steering for precis operation in busy operations.

Easier service and reduced maintenance requirements

All inspection points can be reached easily from a standing position due to the tiltable cabin.The first service is not required until after 500 hours.

Download the product brochure here: Kalmar Diesel 5 to 9 T

Other Models

Weight range 5 to 9 t
Load centre (mm) 600 - 900
Wheel base (mm) 2100 - 2800
Attachments Side shift fork positioning carriage
Attachments Hydraulic fork positioner
Attachments Hook on or roller type forks

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