E-VER Ecolifting Electric Forklift 10 - 18 Tonnes

Our most eco-efficient forklift E-VER

The award-winning Konescranes E-VER combines the quality, power and productivity of our conventional lift trucks, with the latest eco-efficient technology. Developed with the customer in mind, it’s powered by an efficient Li-ion battery suited for heavy-duty work. It’s equipped with the latest digital solutions for monitoring performance, and all the features that make a driver feel safe and ready for whatever the day might bring.

A drivers dream ... smooth movement, powerful lift, advanced digital experience, energy efficient Li-ion battery, high quality design, Eco-efficiency and ease of maintenance. 

Products available in this range are: 

@ 600mm load center 

  • E-VER 10-600 C
  • E-VER 12-600 C
  • E-VER 13.6-600 C
  • E-VER 16.600 C 
  • E-VER 18-600 C

@ 900 mm load center

  • E-VER 16-900 C
  • E-VER 18-900 C 

@ 1200 mm load center

  • E-VER 10-1200 C
  • E-VER 12-1200 C
  • E-VER 15-1200 C
  • E-VER 16-1200 C
  • E-VER 17-1200 C

Talk to your local AB Equipment branch to discuss your requirements. 

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