Roller GW753

Sakai offers the most reliable, dependable, and easy-to-use vibratory pneumatic tire compactors, ideal for airports where additional density is demanded as well as applications with vibration restrictions like residential and bridges.

The GW753 delivers compactive effort well above its weight class, no ballast required. This roller is versatile enough for various materials from hot mix asphalt to chip seal and soils. 

The GW753 vibrates in a circular kneading motion; compacting from the bottom up; snugly arranging the material and achieving higher densities, while maintaining a smooth matt surface. Equipped with seven-sixteen inch wide pneumatic tires covering a seventy seven inch compacting width.

Download the product brochures here: Sakai GW753   

Other Models

Roller Type Static
Operating Weight 9,100 kg
Seat Belt Included
ROPs ROPs frame
Tyres Pneumatic tyres
Other Sprinkler timer