Let's go uphill.

Forestry of the future. Driving innovation & sustainable log hauling, Timbermax delivers a unique product that’s robust, powerful & reliable.

Actively working with academia, sawmills, and governments to continuously improve, developing more successful technologies for sustainable forests.

Focusing on safety, Timbermax innovative systems means operators can better identify limits and danger.

Improving productivity, the technology enables access to steep slopes where conventional equipment reaches its traction and safe operating limits.

And with Timbermax systems, there’s no need to stop operations and wait for dry conditions. Substantially reducing soil disturbances mean you can keep working throughout the year.

Go uphill with confidence. Robust, powerful & reliable traction-assisted winches.

Timbermax Traction Winch 5

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Timbermax Traction Winch 5


Traction Winch T10, T14, T20, T20HD

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