Tow Tractors Petrol/Diesel TD20/25

TOYOTA's advanced towing tractor and tow tug technology is seen at airports around the globe.

TOYOTA continue to enhance the Towing Tractor technology through valuable feedback from the airport industry and operators. For example, the 42-2TD25 towing tractor with the larger 3.5 litre engine was developed by TOYOTA engineers in conjunction with feedback from the Australian airline industry.

Download the product brochure here: TOYOTA Tow Tractor

Maximum drawbar pull (kg) 2000 kg to 2500 kg
Towing weight (kg) 49000 kgs
Overall width (mm) 1420 mm
Turning radius (mm) 3200 mm
Overhead height (mm) 1390 mm
Overall length (mm) 3130 mm

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